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“To decrease the burden of blindness in the developing world through clinical care, teaching, and research.”

Make a difference - help restore the vision of a person around the world. Here are some examples of what a small donation can do:

  • $50 will sponsor 1 cataract operation
  • $100 will sponsor cataract operation on both eyes
  • $345 will sponsor a cataract surgery instrument set

For the past (15) years CEM has worked diligently to improve eye care in Ghana and Honduras. In addition to basic eye services and training of healthcare professionals, CEM also conducts research projects focused on common eye diseases in these populations. To see images and pictures of our people.

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Volunteering for CEM gives you the opportunity to make a difference. If you are interested in working in these unique communities and bringing awareness to the prevalence of eye disease abroad, click below ...

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Dr. Budenz and research associate, Samantha Tulenko, finished the year-long Tema Eye Survey 2 study. This study is designed to determine the incidence of glaucoma and glaucoma progression in an urban, West African population.


Dr. Peter Chang and Dr. Don Budenz arrive in Ghana to teach and perform glaucoma surgery at the Tema Christian Eye Centre. Accompanying them were Heather McIntosh and Matthew McIntosh, daughter and grandsom of CEM founder, Frank Winter, MD.


Alyson Hall, MD arrives at Tema Christian Eye Centre for a week of glaucoma research and surgery

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